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About this site

Bioresource tools is a collection of tools for bioresource management. The tools are developed by the Bioresource Management Group (BIEM) of the Institute for Wastewater Management and Water Protection of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). The tools we develop for our studies are made available to everyone here.

In order to become independent of fossil resources and resource efficient, innovations in organization and technology are necessary. Information and smart decision making play a major role in the transformation to a modern bioeconomy.

Learn more about our vision of a modern bioeconomy (PDF Leaflet)

Bioresource Information

The tools are made for stakeholders to easily find organised information about local bioresources to make good decisions.

Customisable models

To keep things simple, all inventories are preset with results form our studies as defaults. Experts can tweek the input to bring in their specific local knowledge to improve the results.


All information, be it material compositions or geodata, are visualised with graphs and maps to allow an easy interpretation of the results.


The BioResource Information Tool allows stakeholders to gather information about characteristics and potential of local bioresources.

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The BRIT prototype is part of the Decision Support Tool developed in FLEXIBI, a project of the ERA-NET FACCE SURPLUS.

The core version was improved and extended in SOILCOM, an INTERREG project.


SimuCF ist a free to use tool for simulation of biological degradation processes in waste management.

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Lectures for Future Series:

“Residue and By-product Based Bioresources”

The free online 2021 LFF lecture series on residue and by-product based bioresources is now online and will keep growing and improving. Click the buttons below to find the learning material or see what is still to come in the syllabus: